Hi, I’m Chaz, a product designer at Haloo building experiences for an AI powered tool.

I enjoy expanding and adapting my thinking, skillset, and processes to meet the evolving challenges and needs of the world around us. I thrive in ambitious, proactive teams that prioritize ethical product development and foster a culture of belonging.

Collaboration is at the heart of my design practice. I thrive on the energy of diverse teams, combining our expertise to tackle complex challenges. I'm driven to craft pixel-perfect designs that not only look visually appealing but also ensure a seamless user experience. I believe design's impact extends beyond the digital realm, tackling problems across various domains to create meaningful, holistic solutions.

When I'm not tinkering with shapes and lines in Figma, I enjoy playing competitive games, watching esports, exploring the city's newest restaurants and cafes, and shopping at cool clothing boutiques

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This is not me, I'm working on my own!

Level Up: Embracing Competitive Challenges

If I’m not designing, sleeping, or eating, you can find me playing games or consuming some form of gaming content. I love playing competitive games like Valorant and keeping up with esports. I also enjoy playing more casual games like Stardew Valley with my partner.

Gaming is a key component of my identity. What I enjoy most is strategizing to outplay and outsmart my opponents, I try to understand the opponents way of thinking similar understanding user needs and behaviours. Currently I am Ascendant 1 in Valorant.

From Joysticks to Digital Design

I’ve been playing games since I was 6 years old on my first computer (Aladdin was my favourite). Growing up, I spent an unhealthy amount of hours playing MapleStory every day. Gaming has always been a way for me to connect with people and it brings people together.

As a kid, I was obsessed with technology – computers, video games, iPods (which might reveal my age a bit). Along with this tech fascination, I spent a lot of time binge-watching anime and reading manga. The art styles fascinated me, and I began trying to draw my favourite characters. That mix of loving tech and being creative led me to become a product designer. Now I combine my tech know-how with my knack for making things look awesome to create design solutions.

What I’m listening to

My music taste is super diverse ranging from classic hip-hop to high-energy K-pop. I have a deep love for music and attending live concerts; in 2023 I went to 5 live shows. Check out a couple of snaps from my favourite ones below.

I believe design is…

A transformative force that has guided me to discover and pursue my career path with a newfound passion and purpose.

More than visual aesthetics; it encompasses an array of elements, making it a holistic and multifaceted discipline.

A powerful tool to bring people together, serving as a facilitator that forges connections and fosters unity among diverse individuals and communities.

At its core a compelling storyteller, weaving narratives that evoke emotions and forge memorable experiences.

Thank you for checking out my portfolio. If you would like to contact me, feel free to shoot me an email!